A CISO at a Fraction of the Cost

Your virtual Chief Information Security Officer!

At Karhu Cyber, we understand that local governments and SMBs have to budget carefully. Dedicating the resources to a full-time strategic director of information security, a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) isn’t always possible. Without a CISO, your organization is likely missing a long-term, macro perspective on your information security program. A CISO is responsible for translating the enterprise vision into a strategic security program. This role includes policy and procedure to protect communications, information systems, and other assets from internal and external threats.

Karhu Cyber`s Virtual CISO`s (vCISO`s) are dedicated experts to help develop, implement, and manage your cybersecurity strategy. Our vCISO`s mitigate and manage a client’s risk by creating tailor made – turn key security programs to include compliance, policies, procedures, and security road-maps. We work directly with the client`s stakeholders to create a program that meets the client’s business objectives and is designed for maximum security-investment ROI.

Our vCISO`s help you minimize the risk of cyberattacks, protect sensitive data, and maintain the trust of your customers and stakeholders.

Our vCISO`s help with:
  • Regulatory compliance

  • Incident response and disaster recovery planning

  • Security policies and procedures

  • External auditors to ensure that the organization is meeting its cybersecurity obligations.

  • Guidance and training to employees to promote a culture of security within your organization

  • Cybersecurity risk identification and management