Helping you avoid legal and regulatory penalties

Get compliant. Stay compliant.

Karhu Cyber is your trusted partner in ensuring cybersecurity excellence for local governments and Department of Defense (DoD) contracting companies. We take pride in having a Registered Provider for CMMC, offering you a clear path toward meeting the demanding CMMC 2.0 standards.

For local governments navigating CJIS, FISMA, and PCI-DSS requirements, we offer tailored solutions that protect critical citizen data while preserving operational efficiency. Our expert team works collaboratively with you to implement the necessary controls, policies, and procedures, seamlessly aligning your operations with stringent compliance standards.

For DoD contracting companies, our specialized approach focuses on implementing the robust framework needed to meet CMMC 2.0 standards. We ensure every element of your cybersecurity strategy is finely tuned to meet compliance requirements, allowing you to confidently pursue DoD contracts. With our expertise, compliance becomes more than a requirement—it becomes a strategic advantage.

Partner with us to achieve compliance and fortify your cybersecurity posture, enabling you to navigate the complex landscape with confidence. Our services will help you avoid costly penalties and reputational damage that can result from non-compliance.