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Karhu Cyber

Managed Security Service Provider

We empower organizations to secure their digital assets, operations, and brand reputation in an ever-evolving threat landscape. With our extensive experience and expertise in cybersecurity, we provide our clients with end-to-end security solutions, from risk assessments and threat intelligence to managed detection and response and compliance services. 

Our team of dedicated security professionals works around the clock to deliver world-class security operations, leveraging advanced technologies and methodologies to stay ahead of emerging threats. We understand the unique security challenges that businesses face and we strive to provide tailored solutions that align with our clients’ goals and objectives. 

Our ultimate goal is to be the trusted security partner of choice for organizations that take security seriously and want to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly complex security environment.


Veteran-Owned, Military Trained Experts

Built to give you peace of mind

As the threat landscape continues to evolve, it is critical that organizations implement a strategic, forward-leaning, approach to cybersecurity. Karhu Cyber partners with organizations to create a cybersecurity framework that maintains critical infrastructure, protects sensitive data, meets regulatory requirements, reduces risk, and minimizes the impact of cyber-attacks.

Our highly skilled team is committed to working tirelessly to safeguard your assets and ensure your constituents and customers have the peace of mind they deserve.


Service Portfolio

Next-Gen Protection

Virtual CISO

vCISO`s have a broad range of cybersecurity expertise to help your organization develop, implement, and manage its cybersecurity strategy.

Vulnerability Management

Reduce your attack surface and ensure business continuity by identifying vulnerabilities and security weaknesses before the adversary.

Threat Detection & Response

Prevent security incidents by monitoring, detecting, and responding to security threats within an organization's systems and networks.

Security Training

Ensure your team is a human firewall ready to prevent the next ransomware attack from affecting your customers and bottom line.

Compliance Management

NIST 800-171

Security Engineering

Take a holistic approach to your environment and construct a secure architecture that aligns with your long term business goals.